XR Carry Handle

500,00 DKK

Handle materials:

  • Industrial treated polyester sewing thread
  • Carbon X monofilm
  • Webbing
  • Velcro
  • PVC

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These are very tough, I do a lot of single track riding and naturally wiping out too, no problem for this handle.
The design allows a natural pivot, due to the battery weight, this pivot makes going up
and down stairs very easy and you do not bump the Onewheel against the stairs.

Although the Onewheel pivots, the handle itself is level, this makes carrying very comfortable in a natural position.
You can slide the carry tube to adjust for your own comfort .

Attaching the handle is very easy.
When the Onewheel is on the ground, and you are standing by the battery side with the
Onewheel going out in from of you, the handle is only mounted on the left hand side.
The clear plastic tab is screwed in using the fender screw, and it is the hole by the sensor pad side.