Eleveight WS 5m kite only – 2019

8.000,00 DKK 5.500,00 DKK

Demo kite, ny stand, brugt en gang for demo flyvning



WS Series – Wave Freeride Series

The WSeries is a true wave kite. It is a very light but tough three strut kite with a four-line Open-C Hybrid design matched with a medium aspect ratio. We centred its turning axis on creating its distinctive pivotal turn. The WS easily whips around in a narrow circle without ripping you off the board. The bar pressure is light while the steering is precise and direct. That allows you to concentrate on the wave fully.

WS Series 2019

The WS is made to drift. You can park it at the edge of the wind window, ride the wave and even overtake without worrying that it will fall from the sky. That feature came in handy when Nuno Stru used the WS to set the official world record for the biggest wave ever ridden with a kite.

Eleveight WS Series 2019

The power generation is very smooth and also favoured by freeriders and foil riders. It covers a huge wind range and smoothly rides upwind. As it has to withstand being washed, we constructed it super sturdy and used solely highest quality materials such as the new X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™ from Japan and the new Teijin Dacron with a high-temperature resin finish.

The WS is a kite for surf experts and those seeking to become one.



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