Power Sled S 1.0

500,00 DKK

No special assembly required, and are fun to handle thanks to their ease of use. These elegant and extremely efficient kites are known for their stable flight characteristics in a very wide wind range.
The larger power sleds can be used as air anchors, easily carry larger linen jewellery or inflatables and should therefore be treated with due respect.

Wingspan: 130 cm
Stand height: 75 cm
Sails: ripstop nylon
Bars: fiberglass 2 mm
Cord: incl., Polyester 45 kp, 60 m on spool
Wind: 2-6 Bft. (11-49 km / h, 7-31 mph)
Age: from 14 years

Our sleds develop enormous pulling forces. They should only be flown by experienced pilots taking into account the age recommendation and observance of the wind data.

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